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Hosted ECommerce Solutions

  • Web Hammer provides fully hosted, maintained, E-Commerce sites.
  • Our subscription model allows your site to stay constantly up to date with the latest technologies and new functionalities without requiring your own developers.
  • Because everything is hosted on the Web Hammer cluster we can get your site up and running quickly. All you need is a payment provider (e.g. a paypal account) and we can get you up and running.
  • Have your own design? Web Hammer shops are completely reskinnable, contact us to discuss what you have and how much it will cost to integrate.
  • Bespoke requirements? The shops are built in a modular fashion to allow most customisations you can think of, if you're requirements go beyond what we provide out of the box then please contact us for a quote for custom functionality.

For more info contact info@webhammer.co.uk or use the form below:

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For more info contact enquiries@webhammer.co.uk or use the form below:

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